Friday, August 7, 2015

Chincoteague Island Fireman's Pony Swim, Penning, Auction, and Carnival

The Chincoteague Island Fireman's carnival, pony swim, penning, and auction are held annually on Chincoteague Island Virginia.  The carnival runs on weekends during July, and nightly during pony swim week.

The pony swim, penning, and auction is held on the last Wednesday and Thursday of July. The herd of ponies are rounded up by "saltwater cowboys" and swim the channel between Assateague and Chincoteague Islands.

The animals are penned, inspected, fed and most of the foals auctioned off to qualified buyers. The event provides a humane opportunity to provide medical attention, grooming and population control.

Where to See Chincoteague Ponies

The world famous Chincoteague Island can be viewed several times throughout the season.

They may appear at any time on Chincoteague Island National Wildlife Refuge.

They can be seen in the days leading up to the penning during the walk down the beach.

Although crowded, many visitors choose to view the annual pony swim.

They can be viewed at the carnival grounds before and during the auction.

They can be viewed on the swim back to Assateague Island.

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