Thursday, February 10, 2011

Norfolk Walkabouts Food Tours

Norfolk Walkabouts Food Tours dine in locally owned, community rooted restaurants while exploring the tree lined streets filled with diverse architecture and historic homes.  The food tour visits multiple restaurants sampling house specialties and has a “behind the scenes” experience where staff discusses the establishment and cuisine.

A Norfolk Walkabout is a journey for the palate in which it is transformed by various spices and provisions offered by Norfolk's "hidden gems" and culinary visionaries.  In between locations, it also offers an insight to the history of Norfolk and Hampton Roads as well as a present perspective.

There are two food tours to choose from:  Downtown Norfolk and the historic uptown neighborhood of Ghent.  Points of interest and food samplings on the tours include Hampton Roads Seafood Classics, MacArthur Memorial, Coffee and Tea from a West Coast Style Coffeehouse, St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Mediterranean cuisine, historic homes in the Freemason neighborhood, Artisan Pizza, the tree-lined streets of Ghent, the Fred Heutte Center, Savory Soup, the Naro Theatre, Colley Avenue, Gourmet Cupcakes,  Peruvian fare, and more.

Norfolk Walkabouts leads weekly food tours on Saturday and Sunday.  Private group tours are available outside of published dates.

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