Friday, October 29, 2010

Virginia Wildlife Watching - Birds, Plants and More

During the cooler months of Autumn, walking and hiking is much easier and the bluebird skies of Autumn provide excellent backgrounds for photography. A simple wildlife sighting trip can provide hours of enjoyment, birding enthusiasts, nature lovers, and amateur photographers. In Virginia, there are forests, wildlife management areas, state parks, other areas where the public can view wildlife.

Virginia's woodlands, swamps and other habitats contain a wide variety plant life. Fall is an excellent time to explore these natural areas. Foliage can be spectacular along woodland trails. Oaks, maples, hickories and gums turn brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow.

During a wildlife watching walk, visitors might see songbirds, hawks, eagles, herons, woodpeckers or other birds. Along the Atlantic Flyway, ducks, geese and shorebirds can often be spotted as woodlands meet rivers, streams or cypress swamps. Hikers are often startled as waterfowl take flight in areas where woodlands and rivers intersect.

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