Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Decoy & Art Festival on Chincoteague Island

The Easter Decoy & Art Festival will be held on April 2nd & 3rd at Chincoteague High School. The event will feature local carvers, artwork and lunch featuring Jonithan’s “Up the Bay” clam chowder, pulled pork/ chicken salad sandwiches,and more. The show will include the Chincoteague Island Family YMCA, kicking off their collectible art brick fundraiser.

In 2009 the Chincoteague Family YMCA was donated some of the original bricks from the Historical Chincoteague Elementary School formally located on Church St. From 1922-1958 this building was the first Chincoteague High School, later to become Chincoteague Elementary School 1958-1998.

To commemorate this rich Chincoteague history the YMCA is offering two unique collectible brick designs. The first is a laser etched design on a plaque permanently mounted to an original brick for a treasured collectible in your collection. The laser etching contains an original picture of the building and dates of it’s’ use.

The second collectible design being offered is hand painting by Gary Lee Taylor. There will be multiple designs available reflecting Chincoteague culture and they will all be signed pieces on original school bricks.

Laser etched bricks will be sold for $28 while hand-painted bricks by Gary Lee Taylor will be sold for $38. Supplies are limited. All profit proceeds from food sales and art bricks will benefit the local Chincoteague Island Family YMCA.

The bricks will also be on display at the local branch beyond the festival weekend located at 6446 Maddox Blvd. Bricks can be special ordered with a deposit or for more information call (757) 336-6266.

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